Canadian Music Industry Education Committee

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CMIEC Board Members 2016/2017

President - Mark Della Torre- Educational Manager at Long & McQuade 
Secretary/Treasurer - Steve Butterworth- Vice President at Yamaha Canada Music Ltd. 

 OMEA Conference Exhibitors Coordinator Kathleen Stokholm- Manager at Counterpoint Musical Services 

OMEA Representative - Kevin Merkley- OMEA Secretary

Committee Members at Large

Rex Harknett – Harknett Music
Mary Thornton – MT Music Publishers

Jim Norris - Norris Whitney Communications 

Doug McGarry - Roland Canada

Tim Elvy - Elvy Sound Solutions

Moeen Hosain - Conn-Selmer

Scott Trowbridge - Cosmo Music

Past Board Members 1992 to Present

Greg Way - St. John's Music

George Bishop - Long & McQuade

Dave Morton - Yamaha Canada MusicLtd

Allan Ash - AMI Sales

Andy Coffin - Waterloo Music

David Allard - Wenger Corporation
Paul Pinchuk - Pepco International
Julio Cotellesso - Steve’s Music      

Roger Beatty - OMEA Board of Directors
Rich DiPasquali - Boosey & Hawkes
Jack Franchman - Cosmo Music

Joseph Malek - Warner Chappel
Marie Theberge - Wenger Corporation

Elana Harte - Wenger

Larry Davidson - D'Addario Canada

Adam Stokholm - Long & McQuade

Chad Wenzel - Long & McQuade

Brian Engstrom - Conn-Selmer

Raymond Bisha - Naxos

Shashi Ramu - Steve's Music

Lynn McRuer - Music Plus

Bill Labron Music Plus

Diane McGuire - Belle Air Music

Dave Marlatt - Eighth Note Publications

Greg Prior - Waterloo Music/St. John's Music

Colin Murray

Jane Ridout

Pat Vanderheyden

Jason Love

Sophia Kim